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Zhuhai emerges as haven for China-Israel teamwork


More than $1.6 billion in deals were signed at the national commercial platform of the 4th China-Israel Investment Summit held in Zhuhai on July 2 and 3. The city featured prominently through its strong presence in bilateral business cooperation.

Held in Zhuhai once again, the State-level event attracted 11,000 visitors including 5,800 guests from 2,400 companies and organizations. High-profile attendees included Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI), the Manufacturers Association of Israel, Alibaba, IBM, and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft (CAIGA).

Fifteen agreements valued at 530 million yuan ($83 million) were signed at the opening ceremony. Chief among them are 11 projects led by Zhuhai worth 426 million yuan ($67 million). They are geared for common progress in industrial manufacturing and automation, Internet services, information technology, healthcare, life science, agricultural technology, financial investment, and industrial parks among many other fields.

Pursued were pragmatic approaches to promoting bilateral partnerships in multiple domains.

For example, Zhuhai's China-Israel Innovation-Driven Enterprises Alliance of 35 famous companies was launched to implement agreed projects. It is led by Gree Electric Appliances, Actions (Zhuhai) Technology, and Meizu Technology.

Meanwhile, the China-Israel Technology Innovation IP Trading Platform went online (www.cnilex.com) on July 2. The IP trading system is the first such effort in China, offering services in transnational IP asset trading and IP-collateralized financing in Chinese, English, and Hebrew. The initiative, which relies on the Hengqin International Intellectual Property Exchange (HIPEX), is to promote the commercialization of technological innovations between China and Israel.

The system will partner with Israeli companies, universities, colleges, research institutes, and IP service agencies as sellers and attract buyers from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Cross-border IP trades and auctions will be held based on long-term cooperation with organizations such as Tel Aviv University in Israel.

The China-Israel Innovation Equity Investment Fund, valued at 5 billion yuan ($78 million), is another highlight. With 1 billion yuan ($156 million) in the first phase, it is a joint effort between Zhuhai Huafa Group, Infinity Group, and SDIC Unity Capital, a subsidiary of the State Development & Investment Corp and is a result of last year's event. The National Development & Reform Commission of China will support the process of attracting advanced technologies and projects from Israel and other countries to domestic industrial parks.

In addition, SDIC Unity Capital entered into partnership with the Zhuhai Development & Investment Fund to tap into the potential of strategic emerging industries in civil-military integration and Belt & Road markets.

The summit took place at the Zhuhai International Conference & Exhibition Center in Shizimen. It was sponsored by the International Cooperation Center of the National Development & Reform Commission and the Zhuhai municipal government and organized by Zhuhai Huafa and Infinity groups.