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Guangzhou holds C40 low-carbon districts forum


The city of Guangzhou held a special forum on the operation practices of low-carbon districts and climate positive development from June 26 to 28.

The C40 Low-carbon Districts Forum & Climate Positive Workshop was hosted by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40). Over 100 representatives from 13 countries and 19 cities of the C40 attended the opening ceremony, project inspection and closing session of the event.

On June 26, Lei Weiju, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, hosted the forum's opening ceremony, and Diao Ailin, vice secretary-general of the Guangzhou municipal government, addressed the ceremony.

The seminar provided an open platform for sharing and exchanges between low-carbon communities and parks, encouraged the development and implementation of climate positive projects among cities, and further promoted low-carbon technology and experiences. Taking advantage of the event, Guangzhou will continue to develop into a low-carbon city, learn from the experiences of other cities, and explore the development model of climate positive projects and near-zero carbon emission demonstration projects.

The C40 is an intercity and international organization that aims to promote climate action plans among major cities, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve climate risk control. In recent years, the C40 has continued to grow and develop and has built a great platform for technology and experience exchanges for low-carbon development across the world.

As a national low-carbon pilot city, Guangzhou has been playing an active role in related activities since joining the C40 in 2015. It has strengthened communication and exchanges with member cities and has made significant contributions to climate change response.