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Zhanjiang to establish public diplomacy association


The Zhanjiang Public Diplomacy Association is currently preparing for its opening in July. Its purpose is to enhance the external image of Zhanjiang and promote exchanges with other countries in various fields.

Zhanjiang has nearly 10,000 returned overseas Chinese, 300,000 overseas Chinese, and Hong Kong and Macao compatriots. Also, more than 30 overseas Chinese associations are in close contact with the city, giving Zhanjiang a solid foundation for public diplomacy.

Fu Lang, executive vice president of the Guangdong Public Diplomacy Association, led a research group to investigate local foreign and overseas Chinese affairs on May 9. The research group spoke highly of the efforts made by Zhanjiang Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the initiator of the association.

The Zhanjiang Public Diplomacy Association is expected to become a public diplomatic platform between the city and other countries for international communication and cooperation on major projects, education, ports, marine economy, etc.

SOURCE: Chinadaily.com.cn