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SHEN Meihong meets with CCPIT Commercial Legal Service Center director


On the morning of May 10, CCPIT Guangdong Associate Counsel SHEN Meihong met with the visiting CCPIT Commercial Legal Service Center director CAI Chenfeng and her colleagues, conducting in-depth discussions on strengthening commercial legal services in compliance management and mediation etc.

SHEN Meihong extended warm welcome to the guests and expressed gratitude to CCPIT, especially CCPIT Commercial Legal Service Center, for the long-term concern and support of the work of CCPIT Guangdong.  SHEN Meihong briefed introduced the new progress made by CCPIT Guangdong on the commercial legal service and the substantive operation of the center. CCPIT Guangdong party group attach great importance to the development of commercial legal services. With the help and guidance of CCPIT, this year CCPIT Guangdong will focus on advancing the construction of the GCOIC Comprehensive Legal Service Platform and GCOIC Commercial Legal Services Think Tank. As the support unit of CCPIT China Corporate Compliance Promotion Alliance (CCCPA), CCPIT Guangdong will implement the related work of compliance management in accordance with the deployment and requirements of CCPIT, and carry out the compliance management training. It is hoped that CCPIT can continue to provide strong support for CCPIT Guangdong in carrying out compliance management work, providing commercial legal services for the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay, building a diversified dispute resolution mechanism in Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay where people's mediation, lawyer mediation, and commercial mediation work together and so on.

CAI Chenfeng fully affirmed the work of the commercial legal services of CCPIT Guangdong, introduced the key tasks of the CCPIT Commercial Legal Center this year and conveying the instruction of CCPIT leaders on the work of commercial law. It is hoped that the both side can maintain close communication in the future and strengthen the business and up-and-down linkage.