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QIU Zhaoxian meets with CCPIT Ningxia vice president


On the morning of April 25, CCPIT Guangdong vice president QIU Zhaoxian met with the visiting CCPIT Ningxia vice president YAO Qiuling and her colleagues, conducting discussion on strengthening exchanges and cooperation in legal services such as commercial arbitration between China and Arab countries.

QIU Zhaoxian introduced the situation of CCPIT Guangdong in giving full play to the” Represent for Industry and Commerce” function, actively carrying out professional legal services such as trade friction response, risk warning and prevention, commercial mediation, commercial arbitration, intellectual property, commercial certification and so on. The establishment of the China-Arab legal service platform by CCPIT Ningxia is of great significance and the results are significant. CCPIT Guangdong will actively join the platform to better provide legal services for Guangdong enterprises to conduct trade disputes involving trade and investment in Arab countries.

YAO Qiuling introduced the legal services provided by the CCPIT Ningxia, including mediation of commercial affairs between China and Arab countries.  CCPIT Ningxia will fully absorb the advanced practices of CCPIT Guangdong in the construction of legal service platforms and the development of work. Through the close cooperation between the two sides, the China-Arab Commercial Mediation Center can play a better role and provide more targeted legal services for enterprises. 

The two sides signed a "Memorandum on China-Arab Commercial Law Cooperation" and agreed to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in commercial legal affairs such as commercial mediation, economic and trade friction response, and commercial certification.