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Jiuzhou-Hong Kong passengers again being ferried


Transportation customs services resumed at Jiuzhou Port Checkpoint in Jida at 5 pm on Sept 10 after ten days of flat-out typhoon damage repairs and restoration.

A liner departed at 6 pm from Jiuzhou Ferry Terminal to the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, reopening passenger transport routes. The route to Hong Kong International Airport is pending further repairs.

Zhuhai was smacked by Hato, the strongest typhoon in 53 years, and hit typhoons Pakhar and Mawar, all of which caused destruction throughout the city and other locations in Guangdong Province in late August and early September.

Non-stop emergency repairs have now resulted in basic operations coming back at Jiuzhou Port Border-Crossing Inspection Building and Jiuzhou Ferry Terminal.

Quays and channels have been cleared, and vessels are in place with enough fuel. Site, essential facilities, and operation systems are all required for high-speed passenger transport and are the focus of the basic service, according to a staff member at Zhuhai Jiuzhou Passenger Port Development Co Ltd.

Tax refund services at Jiuzhou Port Checkpoint, which are suspended, will be operational in due course at which the public will be notified.

Those who want to claim unreleased items at the checkpoint should dial 0756-3262123 one and half hours in advance to make an appointment with the customs office. The temporary arrangements are expected to last until Sept 15.

SOURCE: Chinadaily.com.cn