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Industrial Characteristics

    During the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, Guangdong will follow the guideline of strategic adjustment of industrial structure, and concentrate on improving industrial competitive capacity in an attempt to establish an industrial pattern led by high and new technological industries, supported by pillar industries, and coordinated by prosperous service industries. Every industry is brewing business opportunities and will bring to investors better development and rich rewards.


    Guangdong is one of the leading manufacture provinces in China. In recent years, Guangdong Provincial Committee and Provincial Government have unveiled in succession fresh policies on how to restructure industries, enhance industrial competitiveness, and make a plan for developing nine pillar industries, with a purpose to give more support to pillar industries, and rationalize the whole structure of industries.

    Now, the nine pillar industries, including electronics and information, electric appliances and machinery, petrochemical, textiles & garments, food & beverage, construction material, paper making, pharmaceutical and automobile, are playing an increasingly predominant role in economic growth. The 3 growing industries, namely, electronics and information technology, electric appliances and machinery, and petrochemical witness a strong momentum of growth. The 3 traditional industries, namely, textiles and garments, foodstuff and beverages, and construction materials, maintain a stable development. The remaining 3 potential industries enter a stage of fast development and better structure. In 2006, the 9 pillar industries achieved a total increased value of RMB 772,721,000,000 yuan, up 21.2% over the previous year; the increased value of the above-scale industries was enhanced, taking up 72.1%.

    1. Electronics and Information Industry

    With electronics and information industry having the largest scale in Mainland China, Guangdong has become one of the most important bases of IT products in China, even in the world. In 2006, electronics and information continues to take the leading place among all pillar industries, as an important force to fuel economic growth. More than 20 enterprises in the province have ranked among the top 100 electronic enterprises in China.

    A series of electronics and information products with competitive abilities have come into being: as for the manufacturing of communication equipment, stored-program control exchanger and optical communication product are preponderant in terms of cost performance; in the field of manufacturing electronic parts, color tube and discrete part chip are among the most competitive in the country; in manufacturing electronic components, PCB and SMT take a crucial position in China; in software industry, embedded software products account for over 50% of the Mainland China.

    Concentrated on the Pearl River Delta Region, particularly on Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Foshan and Zhongshan, a famous “corridor of electronic and information industry” has taken shape.

    Goals of Development: By 2010, the industrial output value of the whole province reaches RMB 2,250 billion yuan, up by 21% annually on average. Micro-electronics, software and new-type parts & components will become the dominant products in the indus

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