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Administration Districts


Name of the Districts, Counties or Equivalent City

Districts, Counties or Equivalent City

Guangzhou Yuexiu Dstrict, Dongshan District, Liwan District, Haizhu District, Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Huangpu District, Fangcun District, Huadu City, Conghua City, Zengcheng City, Panyu City Eight districts and four cities
Shenzhen Futian District, Luohu District, Nanshan District, Longgang District, Bao’an District Five districts
Zhuhai Xiangzhou District, Doumen County One district and one county
Shantou Longhu District, Jinyuan District, Shengping District, Dahao District, Hepu District, Chenghai City, Nan’ao County, Chaoyang City Five districts, one county and two cities
Shaoguan Beijiang District, Zhenjiang District, Wujiang District, Renhua County, Nanxiong City, Shixing County, Wengyuan County, Xinfeng County, Qujiang County, the Ruyuan Yao nationality Autonomous County, Lechang City Three districts, six counties and two cities
Heyuan Yuancheng District,Heping County,Longchuan County, Zijin County, Lianping County, Dongyuan County One district and five counties
Meizhou Meijiang District, Mei County, Jiaoling County, Fengshun County, Wuhua County, Pingyuan County, Dapu County, Xingning City One district, six counties and one city
Huizhou Huicheng District, Huidong County, Boluo County, Longmen County, Huiyang City One district, three counties and one city
Shanwei the downtown district, Haifeng County, Luhe County, Lufeng City One district, two County and one City
Jiangmen the downtown district, Jianghai District, Xinhui City, Taishan City, Kaiping City, Enping City, Heshan<