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    In 2006, the total acreage sown of cereal crops in the province amounted to 2.77 million hectares, down by 0.7%.  The acreage of sugarcanes and vegetables added up to 142,690 hectares and 1,185,160 hectares respectively, up by 13.8%, 1.9% respectively; while the acreage of oil plants totalled 316,020 hectares, down slightly by 0.6%.

    In 2006, the output of grain was 13,876,000 tons, down by 0.5%; the output of sugarcanes, oil plants, vegetables amounted to 11,236,400 tons, 775,700 tons, 26,437,900 tons respectively, up by 18.8%, 0.7% and 1.8% respectively.  The output of fruits was 8,934,700 tons, up by 7.4%; while the output of tea totalled 47,400 tons, up by 6.7%.

    The output of meat was 3,927,500 tons, up by 2.2%, among which the output of pork and poultry totalled 2,595,300 tons and 1,187,800 tons respectively, up by 1.3% and 4.5% respectively.  The output of aquatic products amounted to 7,239,600 tons, up by 4.1%.


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