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Government Institutioins

Component Departments:
1.Guangdong Provincial Development and Planning Commission
2.Guangdong Provincial Economy and Trade Commission
3.Guangdong Provincial Department of Education
4.Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology
5.Guangdong Provincial Commission of Ethnic Community and Religious Affairs
6.Guangdong Provincial Department of Public Security
7.Guangdong Provincial Department of State Security
8.Guangdong Provincial Department of Supervision (The Department and Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of CPC are joint organs.)
9.Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs
10.Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice
11.Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance
12.Guangdong Provincial Department of Personnel
13.Guangdong Provincial Department of Labor and Social Security
14.Guangdong Provincial Department of Land and Resources
15.Guangdong Provincial Department of Construction
16.Guangdong Provincial Department of Transportation
17.Guangdong Provincial Department of Information Industry
18.Guangdong Provincial Department of Water Resources 
19.Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture
20.Guangdong Provincial Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
21.Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture
22.Guangdong Provincial Department of Health
23.Guangdong Provincial Family Planning Commission
24.Guangdong Provincial Department of Auditing 

Organizations Directly Under the Provincial Government:
1.Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Local Taxation
2.Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Environmental Protection
3.Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television
4.Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Sports
5.Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Statistics
6.Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Prices
7.Guangdong Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce
8.Guangdong Provincial Press and Publication Administration (Guangdong Provincial Copyright Administration)
9.Guangdong Provincial Forestry Administration
10.Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Administration
11.Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
12.Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration
13.Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office
14.Guangdong Provincial Tourism Administration
15.Guangdong Provincial Legislative Affairs Office
16.Guangdong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office
17.Guangdong Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

Standing Organization on Consultation and Coordination:
Guangdong Provincial Office of Anti-Raid

Policy-making Research Agency:
The Center for Development Research, Guangdong Provincial Government

Departmental Management Organizations:
1.Guangdong Provincial Prison Management Bureau
2.Guangdong Provincial Labor Reform Administration
3.Guangdong Provincial Chinese Medicine Bureau

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