ID Title Date
1 2018 Business Fair for Hong Kong-Guangdong Economic , Technology and Trade Cooperation 2018/7/17
2 ZHANG Hua leads a working group to Hong Kong to conduct visits and research activities 2018/7/17
3 LIN Tao meets with Guangdong Huaxing Bank president 2018/7/13
4 QIU Zhoxian goes to Huadu to conduct study on market purchase trade pilot 2018/7/12
5 ZHANG Hua met with Consul General of Colombia in Guangzhou 2018/7/9
6 FAN Xinlin attends the AGAC Sponsors Meeting 2018/7/6
7 ZHANG Hua meets with Consul General of the Republic of South Africa in Shanghai 2018/7/5
8 FAN Xinlin attends the “One Province, One Exhibition” work meeting 2018/7/2
9 LIN Tao meets with CCPIT Enterprises Service Center for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao director 2018/6/29
10 ZHANG Hua and QIU Zhaoxian lead a team to visit Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province 2018/6/29
11 HUANG Haiguang attends 151st National Day reception of Canada 2018/6/29
12 ZHANG Hua meets with Consul General of Uruguay in Guangzhou 2018/6/29
13 ZHANG Hua attends the 242nd anniversary celebration of American independence 2018/6/29
14 LIN Tao meets with Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of Yangcheng Evening News Group Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection 2018/6/27
15 QIU Zhaoxian goes to Harbin to participate in the China-Russia Local Cooperation and Exchange Conference 2018/6/26
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